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Republic Air Takes Wing

Republic Airways CEO Brian Bedford doesn’t just sit in his corner office, he takes to the planes. By working undercover (doing everything from customer service calls to cleaning) this chief executive took his company to new heights.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews March 18 2011

Punit Renjen, Deloitte Consulting CEO: Clarifying Consulting

Punit Renjen took the helm at Deloitte Consulting in November 2009 growing his division’s top line by 23 percent in 2010 to $4.5 billion. Some predict he will replace Sharon Allen as chairman of Deloitte LLP in May. How did he do it?

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy March 17 2011

David Kirchoff, Weight Watchers CEO: Scales Up

Delivering a leaner workforce—one pound at a time. Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchoff talks about partnering with Merck and beating the obesity epidemic.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Strategy March 16 2011

Lynn Tilton, Patriarch Partners CEO, Saving U.S. Manufacturing

In 2010, the U.S. economy created only 1.1 million newjobs, a rate of increase well short of the number ofentrants into the labor market. Pointing to the quartermillionjobs her firm has rescued in 10 years, theself-made billionaire thinks there’s a way to redress this.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy , Manufacturing March 11 2011

Bob Eckert, Mattell CEO: Barbie’s Latest Accessory is Software

The days when Barbie meant doll are gone. Now, she is a full-fledged brand with products ranging from digital cameras and movie production software to bicycles. Mattel CEO Bob Eckert explains why toys are no longer just toys, but brands.

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Marketing & Sales , Strategy February 1 2011

Van Andel and DeVos, Amway Co-CEOs; The New Way

Think selling beauty products door to door is a thing of the past? Think again.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Global Business , Leadership & Strategy January 31 2011

Chris Donahue, Federated Investors CEO: Five Ingredients for Success

In the market dive of late 2008, Federated Investors was one of the few asset managers reporting bumper inflows as its money market funds swelled. And it’s not the first time the little-known firm—often confused with the department store empire of the same name—has emerged as a winner against stiff competition.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy January 28 2011

Mikhail Shamolin, OAO Mobile Telesystems CEO: Telecom Talk

With revenues of $9.8 billion and a subscriber base 102 million strong, OAO Mobile Telesystems, or MTS, is Russia’s largest mobile operator—and it’s about to get much bigger.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Technology January 27 2011

C. Mondavi & Sons: Learned it on the Grapevine

For the Mondavi brothers, the cup is definitely half full.

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy January 26 2011

Media Mixer

Inter/Media uses media fragmentation to its advantage.

Jennifer Pellet Advertising , CEO Interviews , Marketing & Sales November 24 2010

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