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Executive Pay: How is ‘Say On Pay’ Affecting Your Compensation?

It’s time for annual shareholders meetings. And with the recent financial overhaul, executives are facing new compensation challenges. So how has the new ‘Say on Pay’ policy affected CEOs? There are a lot more last minute negotiations before heading into the boardroom. CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation May 3 2011

Navigating the Brave New World of Shareholder Activism

A new public database,, that tracks shareholder proposals among large companies shows distinct patterns in union-driven activism.

James R. Copland Boards of Directors , CEO Compensation March 30 2011

March Madness: Executive Bonuses on the Rebound

March brings the beginning of spring and this year CEOs are seeing more green than just blooming trees. Executive compensation is on the upswing. According to The Wall Street Journal, CEOs at 50 major companies have seen their bonuses jump by more than 30%. These 50 CEOs took home a total of $126.1 million in 2010, a number significantly higher than 2009′s $83 million. Who took home the most?

Ceo Briefing - Mar. 22 2011 CEO Compensation March 21 2011

J&J Cut CEO’s Performance Bonus 45%

Johnson & Johnson cut CEO William Weldon’s performance bonus by 45% in 2010. During the year, the company saw several product recalls. Weldon’s performance bonus for 2010 was $1.98 million, down from $3.6 million for 2009, according to documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ceo Briefing - Mar. 2 2011 CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation March 1 2011

The New Risk Paradigm for Corporate Governance

Effective risk management oversight by boards of directors — accompanied by risk-centric culture and governance — is the best defense against earnings surprises, reputational and legal problems, and financial ruin. Here are seven essential questions every board must consider.

Leo M. Tilman And David Martin CEO Compensation January 3 2011

Sharing Wealth through Profits-Interest Plan

Keeping talented employees happy doesn’t have to be financially excruciating.Edward Razim, a partner at Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP, says that one of the best options for a smaller business is something called a profits-interest plan.

Ceo Briefing - Dec. 7 2010 CEO Compensation December 6 2010

Corporate Governance, CEO’s Roles Change over 25 Years

The annual Spencer Stuart Board Index (SSBI) has tracked board composition, structure, and compensation for 25 years. In its 25th edition, the firm looks at the evolution in board composition and the growth of board independence.

Ceo Briefing - Nov. 23 2010 CEO Compensation November 22 2010

Health Care CEOs Earn Top Pay

The scrutiny of CEO salaries has now turned to chief executives in the health care field, often ignoring the specific reasons why the salary levels rank high. Health-care company chief executives had the highest median pay of any industry captured by the recent The Wall Street Journal CEO Compensation Study.

Ceo Briefing - Nov. 23 2010 CEO Compensation , CEO Compensation November 22 2010

Fewer CEOs Headed for the Exit in October

Government and nonprofit organizations had the highest number of turnovers in October 2010, with nine CEOs departing. In 2010, government and nonprofits combined have announced 141 CEO departures, ranking second only to the health-care industry, which has reported 173 this year, including eight in October.

Ceo Briefing - Nov. 16 2010 CEO Compensation November 15 2010

Paychecks for CEOs Climb

When considering CEO pay, base salaries are just part of the picture. Annual bonuses rose nearly 11 percent in the latest study from the Hay Group to a median of $1.67 million, compared with a 3.4 percent rise in the initial analysis in April. About 53 percent of the CEOs got restricted-stock grants, up from about 48 percent in the April study.

Ceo Briefing - Nov. 16 2010 CEO Briefing Newsletter , CEO Compensation November 15 2010

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