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Directors Think CEO Pay Needs Reform

A poll found that 58 percent of the 1,110 directors surveyed believe U.S. company boards have trouble effectively controlling CEO compensation and think the situation could be reformed by setting minimum stock ownership guidelines, re-evaluating compensation benchmarks and devising realistic peer group comparisons.

Ceo Briefing - Nov. 9 2010 CEO Compensation November 8 2010

The Clawback Conundrum

Under corporate law, the board of directors sets compensation packages for the key officers of the corporation, especially the CEO. No one thinks that this task is easy. The higher that people move up, the more complex—and pricey— the benefit package needed to attract and retain them. Here’s what to expect when executive compensation falls under the federal hammer.

Richard A. Epstein CEO Compensation November 4 2010

Dodd-Frank: What the New Law Means for CEOs and Shareholders

Section 954 of the new financial reform bill indicates growing influence of shareholders in corporate matters. Legal experts believe the Dodd-Frank legislation which came into force recently has put the CEOs and the corporations at the receiver’s end, while giving an upper hand to shareholder groups.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation , CEO Compensation October 1 2010

Read It and Weep

What would Ghandi have to say about CEO compensation? A new genre looks to historical figures for leadership lessons, including chief executive pay.

Joe Queenan CEO Compensation , CEO Compensation , CEO Life September 21 2010

Future of CEO Compensation

Kenneth Feinberg, the Washington lawyer who’s stepping down this summer as Special Master for Executive Compensation (aka Pay Czar) to administer the $20 billion British Petroleum fund, offered his insights on the executive pay debate at Chief Executive’s CEO2GOV Summit. To follow are excerpts from his presentation. CEO Compensation September 16 2010

Growing Profits, Growing Jobs

CEOs, thought leaders, and the nation’s top policymakers gathered in the nation’scapital on June 8, 2010 to exchange ideas, build relationships and discuss the evolvingrelationship between business and government. Here are some of the highlights from the CEO2GOV Summit. CEO Compensation , Election Center , Election Center , Leadership & Strategy September 16 2010

Banking and Pharma Sectors Report High CEO Turnover

Healthcare and biotechnology sectors closely follow. Majority of corporate boards adhere to succession planning. A CE Online analysis.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation May 13 2010

What’s Ahead for the 2010 Proxy Season

It’s a big nay for Say on Pay in 2010, but the SEC is asking for more transparency. Here’s a look at new rules for this year’s proxy season

Russ Banham CEO Compensation , Governance/Compliance , Leadership , Strategy March 13 2010

Cerberus Operating and Advisory Company CEO Bob Nardelli: Secrets of an Operational CEO

The Essence of a Sound Recovery Strategy is Operationalizing One’s Strategy and Resourcing it with Top Talent. CEO Compensation , CEO Interviews , Leadership & Strategy , Marketing & Sales , Strategy January 20 2010

Bolstering Faltering CEO Reputation

Experts believe CEO reputation can improve only if CEOs admit their mistakes openly and, communicate more often with stakeholders and employees.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi CEO Compensation January 12 2010

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