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Profitability – Growth

Prepare Your Company for the Coming Era of Slower Growth

In the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century (2000 to 2010), the U.S. economy experienced Gross Domestic Product growth in excess of 3%. That rising tide of productivity bolstered many companies as customers, commercial buyers and household shoppers alike spent aggressively on products and services.

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5 Ways to Build a CEO Legacy in a Slow-Growth Economy

CEOs aspire to leave their company in a far better place than how they found it. Of course, today’s slow growth economy makes it challenging for CEOs to lift their company to new heights in the time they have to work with.

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The Possibility of a Recession Has Some CEOs Worried

Predictions of a possible recession—as evidenced by decelerated hiring activity, rising labor costs, stagnant productivity, and decreasing profits—have some CEOs running scared. However, others think these fears are unfounded.

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Cash for Buybacks Is Causing Traditional Corporate Investments to Wane

As all remnants of the recession fade away, corporate coffers are beginning to fill up with cash,  and pressure is being put on CEOs and business owners to do something with that liquidity other than simply sit on it. But are they making the right decisions?

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Midsized Firms’ Growth Is Slowing Down and Stabilizing: A Blip or the New Normal?

The middle market has a history of consistently recording strong revenue and employment growth.  But during the first quarter of 2015, that changed. For the first time in months, growth expectations slowed down and stabilized, according to the National Center for the Middle Market’s Q1 2015 Middle Market Indicator (MMI).

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Companies Are Embracing States That Embrace Tax Cuts, Surveys Show


Tax policies are becoming increasingly determinative of states‘ economic performance and outlook. That reality has been the norm in Chief Executive’s annual Best & Worst States for Business rankings, due out May 7th, and it has been underscored again by the release of the latest annual Rich States, Poor States assessment report by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

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How to Accelerate Profitable Growth to Drive Shareholder Value Creation

A recent study of publicly traded mid-market companies revealed a group of 500 companies that outperformed their peers over the last three years on both top- and bottom-line growth. This select group of “Profitable Growers” delivered cumulative shareholder returns of 109% over the three-year period in the form of dividends and share appreciation, compared to just 38% for “Low Profit Growers” and only 53% for “Cost Cutters.”

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