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Pitchforks for Populists

THE WHITE HOUSE’S CALCULATED SYMPATHY with the public outcry over the AIG bonuses and the bills now winding through Congress [...] Final Word April 13 2009

California Dreaming

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S PROPOSED FEDERAL SPENDING WILL TOP $4 TRILLION this year, about 29 percent of GDP-exceeded only by spending during [...] Final Word April 13 2009

No More Bailouts

CEOS WHO WILL STAND UP FOR FREE MARKETS are as scarce as atheists in fox holes. The seizures of Fannie [...] Final Word January 30 2009

Mr. President, Let’s Not Piddle Around

DURING HIS SOARING INAUGURATION speech President Barack Obama said it’s not the size of government that matters but whether it’s [...]

Chief Executive Final Word January 30 2009

An Audacious Opportunity

PRESIDENT-ELECT OBAMA IS signaling that his administration intends to stiffen regulations on business, the environment and the workplace. Obama repeatedly [...]

Chief Executive Final Word December 12 2008

President Pelosi

Forget Obama. Forget McCain. In a few weeks time Democrats are on track to gain a filibuster-proof majority in the [...]

Chief Executive Final Word October 7 2008

Silver Lining in States’ Fiscal Crisis

WE ARE CHEERED BY NEWS that some states plan to start privatizing more of their infrastructure. In an ironic recent [...]

Chief Executive Final Word October 7 2008

Jobs Will Be Hard To Come By For a While

THE MARKETS WERE RECENTLY JOLTED by the largest increase in unemployment since 1986. The rate increased to 5.5 percent in [...]

Chief Executive Final Word July 22 2008

A Little Perspective on the Housing Bubble

IF A STOCK YOU OWNED, during the middle of the night, doubled in price due to some unusual temporary credit [...]

Chief Executive Final Word June 1 2008

Final Word

No More Rough Justice ON A SUNDAY MORNING TELEVISION SHOW in 2005 Eliot Spitzer personally attacked Chief Executive magazine calling [...]

Chief Executive Final Word April 21 2008

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