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Secrets of Mini-Multinationals

Think a company needs to be big to play on the world stage? Think again. Plenty of companies in the $10 million to $1 billion range are emerging as full-fledged international players by finding ways to move faster than their bigger competitors.

William J. Holstein Global Business February 6 2012

Derailing the NYSE and Deutsche Börse Merger

The merger vision of NYSE and Deutsche Börse management agreed to by their respective shareholders and US regulators has been thwarted by European regulators’ misunderstandings of the evolving financial system.

Allan D. Grody Global Business February 1 2012

The Perils of Scientific Illiteracy

“Apple employs 700,000 factory workers in China because we can’t find the 30,000 engineers in the U.S. that we need on site at our plants,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs told President Obama. “If you could educate those engineers, we could move more manufacturing jobs here.” Jobs made the point that American competitiveness was being hollowed out by immigration policies that educate a growing number of foreign engineers at the best U.S. universities then immediately send them home.

John Kador Global Business February 1 2012

Capitalism Under Siege: What CEOs Are Up Against

Is capitalism being threatened? One might think so listening to recent presidential candidates banging on about “vulture” capitalism and “asset stripping” private equity companies. And these are the Republicans talking! But let’s step back. What’s really going on?

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , Global Business January 25 2012

Declinism Redux

Is China cleaning our clock? In speech after speech, President Obama calls on the People’s Republic of China to stop [...] Global Business January 23 2012

Declinism Redux: Will China Be the New Japan?

Is China cleaning our clock? In speech after speech, President Obama calls on the People’s Republic of China to stop manipulating its currency. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney milks his favorite applause line about the first thing he’ll do if elected as president: Denounce China as a currency manipulator. Global Business January 23 2012

The High Risk of a ‘Wait and See’ Approach

In a world were the game is changing rapidly, failing to take action—deciding to “wait and see”—can quickly put you on a path of increasing irrelevancy or a rapid demise.

Daniel Burrus Global Business , Technology December 9 2011

Will Government Crush Economic Recovery?

There is little question that if the US is to recover from this recession and if unemployment is to be driven down, small business will lead the way. Unfortunately, intentionally or unintentionally, the government is crushing our one hope of recovery.

Doug and Polly White Global Business , Governance/Compliance December 7 2011

So, You Want to be a Multinational?

Global expansion comes with global risk. As more and more firms expand their supply chains into high-risk emerging markets – often using networks of vendors and agents to rapidly put boots on the ground in these regions – they are increasingly exposed to the kinds of fraud risks that can sink their global aspirations.

David Riker Global Business , Operations , Supply Chain/Logistics December 2 2011

15 CEOs Make Predictions About 2012

In industry after industry, at companies both public and privately held—regardless of size, there is one message emanating from CEOs as they look nervously toward 2012: They are basically on hold until something changes. Global Business November 28 2011

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