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Don’t go Chasing the Eureka Moment Myth, Warns Facebook’s CEO

Mark Zuckerberg says sudden moments of enlightenment, so often portrayed in movies, are a lie.

Could it be Time to Hire a Chief Digital Officer?

Around a quarter of companies now have CDOs, new research suggests. And that's making some CIOs unhappy.

Customer’s Racist Rant Sparks Passionate Plea from Sprint CEO

A "disgusted" Marcelo Claure expressed an intolerance for racial abuse, but also showed a willingness to reach out to gain more understanding.

Former AOL CEO Steve Case Tells CEOs to Prepare for the Tech 3.0 Revolution

Steve Case, cofounder and former CEO of America Online (AOL), recently spoke with Chief Executive about the coming tech 3.0 revolution, and what CEOs should do to get ahead of the unparallelled digital changes in the coming years.

Study Reveals the Best way for CEOs to Frame their Goals

It turns out that encouraging incremental progress only helps at the beginning, according to new research.

New Coca-Cola CEO Quincey Aligns Company with the Inevitable

as James Quincey takes over from Muhtar Kent this month, the 52-year-old Briton has become the first Coca-Cola CEO to plan to direct the iconic CPG mammoth as a “total beverage company” rather than as mainly the keeper and beneficiary of the Coke brand legacy that created an industrial legend.

3 Leadership Tips from a Construction CEO and Former Bookie

Long before he took the reins at Australian construction giant Lend Lease in 2007, Stephen McCann worked for five years as a bookmaker at the local horse races.

5 Elements to Help CEOs Create Deeper Sense of Company Purpose

Organizations that can articulate a genuine sense of purpose generate better shareholder returns, research shows.

Need to Take a Break? This Method Could Make you More Productive

It turns out that unexpected breaks foster more productivity, according to new research.

Some Struggling Companies Feel it’s Best to Bank on Experience

AIG has selected industry veteran Brian Duperrault to get the insurance giant back on track amid a broader rise in the average CEO age.
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