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Obama & Jobs: What the Former CEO Can Teach the President

Steve Jobs could teach the president a lot about being a leader. They both are – or were – taxed with the responsibility of overseeing a large group of people who all have a common interest – success. CEO Briefing Newsletter , Election Center , Election Center September 8 2011
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Best/Worst States for Business 2011

Texas reigns supreme for the seventh consecutive year in our annual Best and Worst States for Business survey. Over 550 CEOs ranked and graded the states on their overall business-friendliness. Rounding out the top three are North Carolina and Florida, while once again California landed at the bottom.

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Election Center , Election Center May 3 2011

Lobbyists — Our Third Political Party

Lobbying can’t be completely extinguished as many would like. What is most offensive is that so many politicians set themselves up to be influenced, often to the detriment of their constituents and the nation as a whole.

Ronald R. Pollina Election Center , Election Center December 28 2010

Growing Profits, Growing Jobs

CEOs, thought leaders, and the nation’s top policymakers gathered in the nation’scapital on June 8, 2010 to exchange ideas, build relationships and discuss the evolvingrelationship between business and government. Here are some of the highlights from the CEO2GOV Summit. CEO Compensation , Election Center , Election Center , Leadership & Strategy September 16 2010

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