Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Amazing Leadership

It wasn’t long after Apple, Inc. CEO, Tim Cook, took over for the late Steve Jobs and the tech media was howling for his head,” Mark Reschke writes for TGAAP. “August 24, 2014 will mark Tim Cook’s third year as CEO at Apple, and today boos and jeers have all but disappeared. The ‘Down with Tim!’ cries have been replaced with praise being piled onto the CEO.”

“The tech media and analysts piling onto Cook can be attributed to many motivations. Self notoriety, loathing ofApple, or simply being to quick to judge Tim Cook’s meekness, perceiving it as weakness rather than an emerging strength,” Reschke writes. “Cook’s leadership is is proving out to be the near perfect successor to Steve Jobs, pulling Apple in subtle directions Jobs would never have ventured.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s quite impossible to say with any certainty where Steve Jobs might have ventured beyond that where he led would likely have been amazing.

Reschke writes, “The purchase of Beats Electronics is something that Jobs would never have approved.”

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