ArrowStream CEO Steven LaVoie Shot by Disgruntled Employee

The recent CEO shooting in Chicago brings to light a critical point: Do CEOs need round-the-clock protection?

ArrowStream CEO Steven LaVoie was shot twice on Friday by a disgruntled employee who had been demoted. The employee, 60-year-old Anthony Francis, who shot and killed himself, was not singled out, as the consulting and logistics firm had been downsizing and had demoted several people.

For CEOs in high profile organizations, such as healthcare, biotech, biomedical, the military, and any other industry that draws controversy, bodyguards are not unusual. These people are not your typical security officer. They are often retired policy or x-military, who have training in areas including weapons and martial arts. I know first-hand that some CEOs, though not many, are driven to work by a security professional in a bullet-proof vehicle, and even have their children, who are at risk of being kidnapped, driven to school by security personnel as well.

LaVoie, whose condition was upgraded to stable on Saturday, was not in a high-profile industry. However, CEOs of non-controversial sectors often ignore other critical issues that cause someone to snap, such as layoffs, firings, being passed over for a promotion or raise, etc.

CEOs should ensure that their HR team has developed a strategy around watching for signs of employee dissatisfaction and how to handle these situations before they escalate.

Small business expert Dianne Shaddock offers these six signs of employee dissatisfaction:

  1. Chronic absenteeism
  2. Raising their voice frequently
  3. Depression
  4. Unusual impatience
  5. Increased irritability
  6. Memory or concentration problems

Companies are generally good at and committed to protecting data, employees and physical assets such as the building. The leader of the company should receive at least as much consideration.

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