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Chief Executive magazine (published since 1977) is the definitive source that CEOs turn to for insight and ideas that help increase their effectiveness and grow their business. Chief Executive Group also produces e-newsletters and online content at and manages Chief Executive Network and other executive peer groups, as well as conferences and roundtables that enable top corporate officers to discuss key subjects and share their experiences within a community of peers. Chief Executive facilitates the annual “CEO of the Year,” a prestigious honor bestowed upon an outstanding corporate leader, nominated and selected by a group of peers, and is known throughout the U.S. and elsewhere for its annual ranking of Best & Worst States for Business. Visit for more information.

M&A in the Ecosystem Era

As traditional business embrace this ecosystem era, M&A will enable success, placing much greater emphasis and focus on creating value and revenue across the network. This webinar will help you learn how ecosystems are already disrupting traditional value propositions.

What is “Capable Leadership?”

Two of the world's most widely recognized experts on workforce development - Lee Benson and Jack Welch - discuss why capable leadership is important, how to define capable leadership in your organization and ways to empower your employees to grow professionally.

Marriott’s Arne M. Sorenson Named Chief Executive’s 2019 CEO of the...

Chief Executive magazine announced today that Arne M. Sorenson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, has been named 2019 Chief Executive of the Year by his peer CEOs.

Harnessing the Power of Alignment

From a competitive standpoint, alignment may well be the most powerful weapon in a CEO’s arsenal. In this whitepaper, learn how to take advantage of the unrealized opportunities of alignment, and how to translate your strategic goals into employee actions at every level across your organization.


Chief Executive magazine has held a special place among CEOs since it was first published in 1977. Unlike other outlets that cover the business world as observers looking in, Chief Executive magazine was created by and for CEOs to be the center of their own community. From the outset, the magazine has served to, in the words of the inaugural issue, “provide a forum for the world’s most important and influential leaders to speak quickly to themselves and to give new ideas and inspiration toward a better world.” AT&T’s then-CEO John D. DeButts provided the call to action in his column, Speaking Out, by demanding that CEOs accomplish three things: (1) take care of business with the highest standards, (2) conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity and fairness, and (3) speak out for what we believe. To this day, Chief Executive magazine continues to set the agenda and inspiration for the world’s top decision makers. [caption id="attachment_64191" align="alignleft" width="225"] The inaugural, July 1977 issue of Chief Executive featured interviews with President Jimmy Carter, Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo, Egyptian President Anwar el Sadat, the Shah of Iran, TV anchor Walter Cronkite and magazine co-founder Baron Edmond de Rothschild.[/caption] Chief Executive does not compete for space on consumer newsstands, nor does it rely on third-party “research” to provide estimates of its readers. That’s because we know exactly who our readers are: the CEOs of the largest 42,000 U.S. companies. No other magazine, newspaper, website or community can provide the same reach nor effectiveness in reaching these leaders. If you seek “clicks” or “views” from an unknown audience, we would be pleased to help direct you to other, appropriate outlets.  But if you have something valuable to say to the most important people, there is no better place to say it than in the pages of Chief Executive magazine.


Whether on, in targeted eNewsletters, via custom webinars or other digital outlets, Chief Executive provides the right audience and context to meet your business goals. Website: is the home page for the CEO community. Delivering daily insights, analysis, and best practices exclusively for its select and responsive audience across desktop, mobile, and tablet. offers a variety of digital solutions, including standard banners, video, high-impact units, and sponsored content solutions to engage our CEO readers. eNewsletters:  Chief Executive’s eNewsletters deliver valuable information and insight directly to CEOs’ inboxes. CEO Briefing—Insight and analysis of the latest news, issues and trends affecting CEOs, including global and political trends, effective leadership, technology, governance, global business, talent, growth, culture and much more. Manufacturing CEO Briefing—Covers the latest trends and important issues that manufacturing CEOs need to know. Topics include information on operational excellence, technological advancements (such as automation, robotics, Internet of Things and 3D printing), talent, supply chain, cost efficiencies, quality and energy reduction.   Webinars: Chief Executive collaborates with you to create exclusive webinars for knowledge-hungry CEOs. Chief Executive’s turnkey operation allows your senior executive expert to present your research, thought leadership content, or compelling point of view to a live and on-demand audience of normally hard-to-reach and hard-to-engage CEOs, but also engage in dialogue with these ultimate decision makers. Video: Chief Executive delivers polished, expertly-produced video that helps tell your story in a credible, brand-enhancing way.   
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CEO1000 Tracker

From the schools they went to to the types of companies they run, CEO1000 is tracking the trends among the CEOs of the 1,000 largest U.S. companies.


CEO Confidence Plunges On Tariff Fears In June

Amid announcements of new tariffs on China and, at the time of polling, Mexico, CEOs’ outlook for future business conditions plunged 6 percent from May to June, according to Chief Executive’s most recent reading of CEO confidence.
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Best and Worst States For Business

Are you looking to relocate or expand? Evaluate each state's strengths with Chief Executive's 2019 Best & Worst States for Business.


CEO of the Year

Once a year, we celebrate the achievements of a CEO, honored for his or her success in and dedication to business, shareholders and customers.


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