W. Bowman Cutter, Joseph E. Kasputys and Joseph J. Minarik

W. Bowman Cutter is senior fellow and director of the Next American Economy project at the Roosevelt Institute. He was director of the National Economic Council and deputy assistant to the President in the Clinton administration. He is co-chair of the ad hoc subcommittee on Covid-19 for the Committee for Economic Development of the Conference Board (CED). Joseph E. Kasputys is chairman and CEO of Economic Ventures. He was assistant secretary of the Commerce Department in the Ford administration. He is co-chair of CED’s ad hoc subcommittee on Covid-19. Joseph J. Minarik is a senior vice president with CED. He was chief economist at the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton administration.

As the U.S. Economy Reopens, Endless Catch-22s Will Threaten Recovery

For many industries, success post-Covid won't be as simple as going back to work—and it will require vision, innovation and cooperation between business and government.
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CEO Confidence In 2021 Economic Recovery Strengthens In September

In a survey of more than 600 CEOs, 4 out of 5 forecast a positive business environment by this time next year—if a vaccine is found and the presidential election goes off smoothly.