Dale Buss

Dale Buss is a long-time contributor to Chief Executive, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and other business publications. He lives in Michigan.

Ford Plugs In Marketing Campaign For Electric F-150 Lightning

Advertising praises Ford workers, promotes truck’s “frunk,” goes multicultural—and may be tweaking Musk.

‘This Is No Time to Sit on the Sidelines’ for M&A...

Investment-bank chief Lloyd Greif urges mid-market buyers and sellers to get ahead of troublesome trends.

Dodge Tries To Strike Balance Between Muscle Cars and EVs

Stellantis’s gas-belching brand sets out all-electric timetable but lets everyone know it’s reluctant about the technology.

Texas Tops 2022 Best & Worst States For Business Survey Of...

Based on polling of nearly 700 CEOs and business owners, the Lone Star State placed No. 1 again, Florida No. 2. But will changing politics change the game?

Best & Worst States For Business 2022: Inside The Heartland Revolution!

Long derided as ‘flyover country,’ the nation’s industrial core is again taking flight, thanks to chips and EVs, pragmatic politics, seismic shifts in manufacturing and a deep rethink of the global supply chain. China who?

Best & Worst States For Business 2022: Who’s Ready For A...

More states than ever find themselves in a position to afford tax cuts, in part because the onset of Covid created only a V-shaped drop-off in revenues.

Best & Worst States For Business 2022: The Great Not-Migration

Predictions of flight from big cities were a bit overblown, although reactions to Covid did heat up a few migratory routes that already were increasingly popular.

Best & Worst States For Business 2022: Being Smart About Spending...

Some states are taking the long view by using the billions to train workforces, buttress water and sewer systems, and extend broadband.

Best & Worst States For Business 2022: Wisconsin Leans In After...

Intel passed on the Badger State for Ohio, and Foxconn is a mess, but Wisconsin remains on an upward arc.

Best & Worst States For Business 2022: Ohio’s Head Start On...

Intel’s huge investment will cap a push behind new technologies that already has benefited the Buckeye State.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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In Poll, Majority of CEOs Say Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay for 2022. Full Virtual? Not so Much

Almost all the CEOs we surveyed in May say they will work in at least partially hybrid mode for the rest of the year—versus just 7 percent who said they'd be fully remote.