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The CEO’s Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can provide your business with secure data and application storage, increased reliability, and decreased data storage costs. An increasing number of complex organizations are switching to the cloud – like the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and The Washington Post – but there are benefits for companies of all sizes. Here is a quick guide to what every CEO needs to know about cloud computing.

The CEO’s Guide to Mobility

Mobile technology can change the face of B2B and B2C businesses. CEOs can monitor manufacturing and distribution processes and customers can use location-based services to take advantage of special offers, but there are also countless other applications of this emerging technology. Here is a quick guide to what every CEO needs to know about mobility.

Is Your Organization Strategic?

In this webinar, participants learned how to transform strategy from an annual event into a strategic mindset; identify market trends and patterns before competitors; understand and improve the three phases of a business model; create competitive market advantage and help teams develop strong strategy habits.

Innovate Faster and More Effectively

How do we as CEOs and as companies innovate? What direction do we go in? What do we as innovators do to drive ourselves forward? Here, you’ll learn key strategies used by major market leaders to keep themselves innovating and moving forward, and how you can implement them at your firm.

10 CEO Rules for Recruiting the Best Staff

Uncover the recruiting strategies used by industry leaders to continually find and hire ‘A’ players – those employees and executives who exceed expectations on a daily basis and remain loyal for the long-term.

2015 M&A and Capital Markets Update: A Seller’s Market, but for...

These best practices will help you maximize value and determine if now is the right time to sell. You'll hear about recent changes in how deals are structured, financed and won and received a private equity formula for creating value for buyers and sellers.

How to Effectively Link Compensation Results

Is “Pay for Performance” just a nice theory or does it translate into real results for actual businesses? Why set expectations by linking pay to results? Because it solves problems, removes barriers, encourages a superior outcome, reinforces a pattern or cycle, focuses efforts and unleashes growth.

M&A Opportunities for Buyers and Sellers

This webinar will look at 4 key trends: middle-market M&A volume, multiples & industry trends; dealmakers insight – what’s driving deals today; a buy-side perspective – best practices for closing deals; and a sell-side perspective – is now a good time to go to market?

How to Transform Your Leadership and Organization to Drive Bottom-Line Revenue

Leadership effectiveness is not a matter of intent, says Dr. Peter Fuda. It’s a matter of impact. There is a big gap, he says, between our intentions and our impact. Listen to this webinar for the 7 metaphors for leadership transformation, and more about leadership effectiveness.

How CEOs Can Drive Revenue Growth in Stagnant Markets

Buyers have moved to new buying channels, but sellers have not. Today, revenue performance is an organization-wide issue. Neither Sales nor Marketing can fix it by themselves. CEOs and CFOs must help streamline the buying process.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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CEO Optimism At Lowest Level Since Fall Of 2019

Chief Executive’s November CEO Confidence Index shows optimism among America’s CEOs on the decline, as their rating of business conditions one year out drops to two-year low.