Patrick Thean

Patrick Thean is CEO and co-founder of Rhythm Systems, a strategic planning and business growth strategy company (

Bridging the Generation Gap: How to Get All Employees Working Together...

Successfully managing multiple generations and getting all employees to work together effectively can be a challenge for companies. The better you can collaborate across generations, the more smoothly your organization will run.

3 Reasons to Update Your Core Values

Ever since Jim Collins and Jerry Porras published “Built to Last” in 1994, Fortune 500 companies have been proudly proclaiming their core values to the world. Core values, when done right, should be the company’s backbone and guiding light. They are what companies are built on and live by, and the generally held belief is that they should never be changed! You create them, test them and then you are married to them for life.

5 Secrets to Crafting a Winning Annual Plan

Annual plans are much more than a set of numbers that have to be achieved. They inspire CEOs and their teams to execute well for the year. Here are five steps to help you develop an inspiring and winning annual plan.
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CEO Optimism Again Climbs In April Amid Soaring Vaccination Rate

Chief Executive’s latest poll of U.S. CEOs finds growing confidence in the future of the economy; most now expect rising profits, revenue, hiring and capital expenditures in the coming months.