Fredrik Weissenrieder and Daniel Lindén

Fredrik Weissenrieder, co-author of REDESIGNING CAPEX STRATEGY, is the founder and CEO of Weissenrieder & Co., a global capex strategy consultancy and tech company, based in Sweden. In 1994, he developed a fundamentally different approach to industrial capital allocation and is today a recognized global leader on the topic. To learn more, visit: Daniel Lindén, co-author of REDESIGNING CAPEX STRATEGY, is the COO of Weissenrieder & Co. Since 1999 he has helping refine Weissenrieder’s groundbreaking approach to industrial capital allocation. He oversees the company’s consulting teams as well as the team developing the consultancy’s SaaS service Weissr® Capex, the world’s first application integrating capex budgeting, management, and strategy. To learn more, visit:

It’s Time For Leaders To Rethink The Way Their Companies Make...

Instead of a reactive approach to capex needs, a company should be driven by a proactive, long-term strategy designed to take advantage of the unique opportunities within, and outside of, an existing portfolio of facilities.
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