The Best Tablets for Business in 2015

Tablets are a great tool for people in all kinds of work. Doctors can use their tablets to take notes while chatting with patients, entrepreneurs can use their tablet to stay up to date on the latest business news, and designers can showcase their portfolios to potential clients on a big-screen tab. With so many uses, many professionals are skipping their annual laptop upgrade in favor of getting a zippy new tablet. Planning on buying a new tablet for business this year? Here’s our guide to which tablets should be on your short list. reporter Tucker Cummings took a look at the Lenovo IdeaTab, the Samsung Galaxy Tax S (10-inch version), the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the iPad Air 2.

Overall, he says, when you’re shopping for a tablet this year, there are a couple of business-centric features you should be looking for. The most important feature for business is ease of connectivity with your colleagues. While the majority of applications and document types can be viewed across Windows, Android, and iOS tablets, it will probably behoove you to have the same type of tablet as other people in your office or division. For one thing, you’ll be able to share chargers and other accessories with ease.

You should also consider what tablet size is most appropriate for your business needs. Designers and people who do a lot of collaborative work should consider a larger format tablet, something in the 10-inch or 12-inch range. This large screen will make it easy to show off projects, designs, or media. Those who travel a lot for business will probably appreciate a smaller tablet, something with a screen around seven or eight inches. A tab that size is easy to tuck into a purse or briefcase, and something lightweight is great for keeping your carry-on luggage nice and light.

Read his review of each tablet:



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