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After the Oscars Flub: 5 Things On the Mind of PwC Chief Tim Ryan

It was Cullinan's mistake, but how PricewaterhouseCoopers CEO Tim Ryan handles the fallout is what will have the most effect on the company.

Construction CEOs Face Hurdles as Border Wall Tender Process Opens

The German arm of Spanish construction giant ACS has said it would be open to building part of the Mexican border wall, estimated to cost in the tens of billions of dollars.

Samsung Group in Turmoil as Chief Indicted

Bribery charges leveled against Samsung's heir apparent and subsequent closure of its strategy office represent a wider blow to South Korea's insular and top-down corporate management culture.

Outsourcing to Cut Costs is “Yesterday’s Game”: GE’s Immelt

The head of the manufacturing giant has warned that America will no longer be a global leader in trade, though he welcomed the president's planned tax and regulation cuts.

Why Warren Buffett is Suspicious of CEOs who Always “Make the Numbers”

The billionaire investor is concerned that stellar "adjusted" earnings could belie an unhealthy corporate culture.

LinkedIn’s CEO Explains Why Feeling your Employees’ Pain Isn’t Going Far Enough

Twelve years in the making, Jeff Weiner shares his views on compassionate management.

Manufacturing Summit will be Making Retail CEOs Nervous

Donald Trump appeared receptive to a plan to tax imports pressed by the CEOs of exporters.

CEOs Present Trump with Regulation Hit List

Rules around overtime penalties, environmental management and executive pay ratio disclosure are among those in the firing line.

CEO Carlos Ghosn Loosens his Grip on Nissan

The long-time Nissan CEO's decision to step down shows helping to steer three companies at once could be too much for even the most well-regarded leaders.

Investing in People is Paying Off for Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon

Boosting staff pay and training, as well as cutting product prices, has brought more people back to the retailing' giant's bricks-and-mortar stores.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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In Poll, Majority of CEOs Say Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay for 2022. Full Virtual? Not so Much

Almost all the CEOs we surveyed in May say they will work in at least partially hybrid mode for the rest of the year—versus just 7 percent who said they'd be fully remote.