14 Out of 18 Manufacturing Industries Report Growth in January

Manufacturing continued to expand in January, growing for the 20th consecutive month, although growth was slower than December, according to the Institute for Supply Management’s Latest Report On Business.

5 Great Cities for Growing Your Manufacturing Business In

Many CEOs are in the midst of decisions right now about where to site or expand a factory. Here are 5 locations that are catching their attention as U.S. manufacturing hotbeds, either traditional-and-growing or up-and-coming.

Manufacturers Are Targeting Women to Fill Jobs

A growing number of manufacturers are taking extra efforts to woo women to fill a growing gap in their workforces.

Robotic Machines Are Creating New Manufacturing Realities

Manufacturing CEOs increasingly will have to make decisions about how to produce goods in a world where artificial intelligence and robotics present greater and greater capacity to handle automated tasks, and humans are being freed up to handle more consultative or custom roles. But will there be enough jobs?

Two More States Consider ‘Right to Work’; Would Bring the Total to 26     

As the right to work spreads across the Midwest, with Wisconsin and Ohio being the latest, the pressure is on more states to adopt their own laws to prohibit companies from requiring workers to join unions.

Aftermarket Services Are Generating New Revenue Opps for Discrete Manufacturers

Tough competition in the manufacturing industry and the struggle for market share has shined the light on aftermarket services as a competitive differentiator. As a result, the category, as a whole, is getting more attention from C-level executives.

Tweel Airless Tires Are Making Flats a Thing of the Past

France-based Michelin & Cie recently announced the opening of a plant in Piedmont, S.C., to produce its Michelin X “Tweel” airless radial tire. The Tweel is actually a single tire and wheel unit, in which flexible polyurethane spokes support an outer rim—eliminating the need for compressed air, which makes tires vulnerable to flats.

‘Connected Cars’ Are Driving Exponential New Business Opportunities

Connected cars with wireless Internet access will soon become all the rage on the road—boosting business not just for auto manufacturers, but also for technology vendors, mobile operators and even retailers that use GPS to pitch targeted marketing messages when drivers come close to their stores.

Fuel Cells vs. Electric Vehicles. Which Side of the Alt-Energy Battle Are You On?

Toyota’s new commitment to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and its abandonment of fully electric ones highlights two huge divides facing CEOs and other leaders, not just in the automotive industry, but across a broad spectrum of organizations in the car-dependent economy, including politicians, other types of manufacturers, the travel industry and agriculture, among others.

A Lesson in How to Partner With Higher Ed to Create Manufacturing Growth

A scrappy community-college system in metro Detroit is redefining its relationship with local businesses by adopting a “demand-driven” model that attempts to supply employers’ pressing needs for skilled engineering, technical and manufacturing workers instead of simply educating, training and turning out graduates with an obtuse aim that benefits neither them nor the economy.
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