Where are the Women CEOs?

There are many fewer women CEOs than male CEOs in the top 1,000 companies (public and private), but there are interesting trends about where women CEOs gravitate and do best.

It’s no surprise that there are more male CEOs than female CEOs today among the largest companies in the U.S., but there are interesting trends around where female CEOs gravitate and do best.

Chief Executive’s CEO1000 Tracker, developed in association with RHR International, provides a window into a number of trends among CEOs in America’s largest companies. Here’s a look at gender representation at the top companies in 13 different industries, as well as in regions around the country.

CEOs: Industry Distribution by Gender
Based on data from the CEO1000 Tracker, women CEOs are found more frequently in some industries—such as retail and energy—than in others (such as basic materials, healthcare, and transportation and logistics). However, because 94% of CEO1000 chief executives are male, the percentages shown here do not indicate relative totals. For example, 20% of all women CEOs in the CEO1000 run major retail operations vs. 10% of all male CEOs in the CEO1000—but that translates to just 12 female CEOs versus 100 male CEOs.


CEOs: Distribution by Region
Women CEOs are more likely to be found at CEO1000 companies headquartered in the South and Midwest. Again, percentages do not indicate actual totals, because most CEOs are male.



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