Chief Executive Network Brings CEOs Together to Collaborate for Each Other’s Success

In every company, large or small, senior executives, the president and even board members look up to CEOs for guidance and advice. But where can CEOs turn for consultation and advice when they face challenges?

The solution can be found in peer networks, according to the recently released Guide to CEO Peer Networks 2016. Peer networks such as Chief Executive Network are organizations that bring business leaders together to create a network of support that today many business leaders lack. By interacting with each other, peer networks help chief executives improve their effectiveness and gain competitive advantage.

There are a variety of peer networks in the market, each with their own distinct business model for meeting different types of needs. One such network that CEOs can turn to is Chief Executive Network (CEN).

Chief Executive Network (CEN) brings together CEOs, presidents and business owners of mid-market companies to create a strong network of support. As a member of CEN, business leaders get together twice a year to discuss challenges and collaborate on strategies and techniques that can help grow their companies.

These meetings are segmented by industry, and CEN has CEO groups in the following industry sectors: manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, software./technology, engineering, architecture and construction. CEN peer groups  are also company size-specific, with no competing company ever in the same peer group. Consequently, Chief Executive Network offers a mutual exchange of insight between business leaders who can relate to each other and are dealing with the same issues and trends.

By giving CEOs someone to turn to when they need a mentor or someone to bounce ideas off of, CEN and other executive peer groups foster a growing network of business leaders who, through mutual exchange of ideas, help each other overcome challenges to achieve professional and personal success.

For more information about how Chief Executive Network and other peer networks can help you, click here.

Source: Guide to CEO Peer Networks 2016


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