Chief Executive’s Most Read Articles Of 2021

Extraordinary leadership, the best (and worst) places do business, and remembering to eat your marshmallows topped the list.

As we head into the end of the year, it’s instructive—and fun—to take a look back at our most-read stories of 2021. It’s an eclectic reading list that speaks to the interest of our CEO readership in continual improvement, helping their people. And lists.

Up For Grabs: The Best & Worst States For Business 2021 (April 28). Our annual guide to where CEOs like to do business—and where they like to do business a whole lot less—is a perennial favorite among our readers and also governors and economic development folks.

How To Say Thank You To Your People (July 21). The first of two pieces from our special report on Gratitude featured seven solid tips from gratitude guru Dr. Bob Nelson to help your people feel appreciated at a time when it’s really important to appreciate your people.

Eight Traits Extraordinary Leaders Have In Common (April 2). Michael Nathanson, CEO of The Colony Group, couldn’t miss with this rundown of what he’d learned from structured interviews with everyone from pro athletes to top business and government leaders.

When Do You Eat The Marshmallow? (July 7). In 2021, we were blessed to have bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith and his equally talented daughter Kelly Goldsmith join our already-deep bench of Chief Executive In this piece, he reminds us that a big part of enjoying life can be not delaying your enjoyment of life. Easier said than done, right?

The Remarkable Power of Gratitude (July 19). At a time of deep division and tumult in the world, Dale Buss and I talked to experts and CEOs across the nation about the importance of gratitude and recognition in fueling our people and organizations—and how to make it happen. Dale and I are grateful for everyone who spoke to us for the story—and for everyone who read it.


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