How Crowdsourcing Can Improve Internal Communication and Teamwork

Input is anonymous and their ideas stand on their own merit, rather than depending on someone’s lofty title or popularity in the organization. Everyone has access to the system, where the best ideas rise to the top. Management then creates a rollout plan via from feedback loop. As a result, the initiative’s intended audience gets greater buy-in and more relevance to the initiative’s overall success.

“Platforms for employee crowdsourcing allow everyone to become a champion for change, not just C-level executives and senior VPs.”

We first developed this product as an internal tool, but once we realized the software’s power, we introduced it to our client group to help them address their own challenges. That resulted in highly-motivated employees and better-aligned teams, as well as healthier, more productive organizations.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has deployed PoPin as part of a company-wide push to glean critical insights from managers in more than 400 restaurants. Other companies that have adopted PoPin include F5 Networks, a global maker of application delivery networking products; and The Table Group, a specialized management consulting firm.

Platforms for employee crowdsourcing allow everyone in an organization to become a champion for change, not just the C-level executives and senior VPs. In this way, change is not just about a lonely leader onstage pitching his or her heart out to everyone, or a management team guessing how to roll out an important initiative. It’s about real teamwork, with everyone running in the same direction.

Through the use of internal crowdsourcing, we now have a surefire way to flatten the organization, bubble up actionable initiatives, and make everyone relevant to the future of the company. After all, change needs real champions, and the best champions are usually the ones who will be implementing the change.