Gratitude = Healthy Heart = Lower Employee Absenteeism

Employers who show appreciation for their employees reap higher productivity and loyalty from them. CEOs should work with HR to ensure your company

A new study* by the American Psychological Association (APA) shows that people who feel gratitude are more likely to sleep better, be in a better mood, have less fatigue and have improved cardiac health. What does this mean for employers? “Simply showing employees that you appreciate them on a daily basis could reduce the risk of heart and other illnesses in general, which in turn lowers absenteeism,“ says Dr. Noelle Nelson, author of “Make More Money By Making Your Employees Happy.”

“Workers who feel their employer appreciates their work are not only going to be motivated to work harder, but will have more energy and, according to the results of the study, will be less likely to have heart issues,” says Nelson.

How can managers show gratitude at work? Nelson suggests acknowledging employees when they do something right instead of only pointing out their mistakes. When mistakes do happen, she says employers should not play the blame game—focus instead on fixing the problem. “You can always later discuss with the employee how to avoid the error in the future, while still conveying that you value the worker’s contribution,” says Nelson. “Workers shouldn’t be walking on pins and needles, afraid to do anything, always fearful of the boss’s wrath.”

For Nelson, the workplace model for many businesses is designed for failure. “I can’t fathom why many employers continue to browbeat, demean and ruthlessly overwork their employees, thinking that this is what motivates their employees,” says Nelson. “The APA study is just one of many that show these tactics are the antithesis of what’s needed to actually improve productivity and worker loyalty.”

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