Corporate Competitor Podcast: Jack Nicklaus On Turning Passion Into A Mission

Jack Nicklaus and his son joined our Corporate Competitor Podcast to discuss Jack “Jackie” Nicklaus II’s new book, Best Seat in the House: 18 Golden Lessons from a Father to His Son. Their conversation about golf course design spoke volumes about the drive for perfection that has elevated their company, Nicklaus Design, to pre-eminence in the United States and the world.

Although Jack Nicklaus, or the “Golden Bear,” as he is known by fans, is widely regarded as the best golfer of all time, with a record number of PGA major championships, his life and values show that true legacy lives through his children and grandchildren. As much as fans appreciated his career and reputation, listening to Jackie tell stories about him will make him an even greater giant in their mind.

Jackie has been asked many times, “What is it like to be Jack Nicklaus’ son?” He described it this way after his father’s final putt dropped on the 18th green of the 1986 Masters: As I placed the flag back into the cup, the crowd was roaring. When I turned around, I expected to see Dad’s back as he faced the crowd receiving the praise he so deserved, but there Dad stood, looking at me with the most wonderful smile. His arms were outstretched to embrace me. I felt like I counted. I felt like I mattered. And I felt loved. That is what it’s like to be his son.

The intimate nature of the conversation will inspire you to focus on what’s most important in life: family.


9:00 What it is like to be Jack Nicklaus’s son.

10:00  The story behind the most iconic moment at the 1986 masters.

12:00  Formula for a successful marriage.

15:00  Jack Nicklaus’s first reaction to Best Seat in the House.

24:30  How to turn passion into a mission.

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