Most Valuable CEO #7 – David J. Lesar

#7 David J. Lesar, Halliburton
#7 David J. Lesar



This oil-field services company is dead serious about expanding and enhancing their capabilities and the breadth of situations in which they can help their customers make more money. From there, it’s a matter of figuring out how to do that.

They have developed integrated-solution approaches, combining their proprietary workflows, software tools and equipment, to maximize the amount of oil/gas recovered. A few of these: sophisticated oil/gas-reservoir profiling software; technology for drilling horizontally and even breaking into a reservoir from the bottom, where necessary; high-performance drill-bit-steering systems, with integrated sensors driving drilling-rig information systems.

Halliburton’s total-solution approach makes it hard for competitors to intervene with low-priced, piecemeal offerings. Moreover, the way that Halliburton has worked to enable its customers has created deep, lasting relationships.

Together, Halliburton’s unique capabilities and breadth of services present a compelling value proposition to customers, and an obvious competitive advantage. All because Halliburton wanted to create them, and did.

Score 2010 Score % Change In Score Market Value/Invested Capital Three-Year EM EM Change Mgmt Quality
93.8 82.6 13.5% A A A A

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