Private Company CEOs’ Cash Compensation Up 24% on Average

Private sector company CEOs saw their cash compensation increase 24% in fiscal 2013 compared to the previous year, to a total, including salary and bonuses, of $662,404, according to Chief Executive Research’s CEO & Senior Executive Compensation Report for Private Companies 2014-2015.  

The average bonus increased 26.4% to $294,536 while the average salary increased by 22.0% to $367,868.

“Averages are important but can be a bit misleading because top quartile performers skew the averages.”

“Averages are important but can be a bit misleading,” cautions co-author Wayne Cooper, “because top quartile performers skew the averages.  The median CEO cash compensation was a more modest $343,000, which represented a 5% increase over the prior year.”

Overall compensation, as well as specific components, varied by industry, company size and company type. For example, median compensation packages for CEOs of companies with revenue from $1 billion to $10 billion was more than seven times that of CEOs for companies with revenue <$2 million.

Financial/Insurance companies generated the highest median total compensation package for companies with revenue <$10 million, followed by Health/Pharma, Manufacturing-Industrial Goods, Technology and Manufacturing-Consumer Goods, respectively.


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