How to Transform your Employees into Brand Storytellers
When candidates investigate an employer, they are interested in the company’s reputation, culture, the people who work there and whether the salary and benefits are competitive.

But they’re not necessarily looking to employers to share this information. With conversations happening across social networks and platforms, candidates are increasingly getting information about an organization from current employees or other third-party sources.

While official communication still has its role, manufactured messages are often met with skepticism. Candidates are often cynical about company-generated employer brand messaging, which is why current employees or a trusted third-party can be a powerful competitive differentiator for recruiting.

For example, Amazon is a pioneer of the third-party endorsement strategy, having built its business by sharing customer reviews and purchases of products, books and movies.

While third-party endorsements are powerful, their value is extended when they come from someone a job-seeker knows. Activating your company’s internal workforce as part of your recruitment and employer brand strategy can create a powerful set of brand ambassadors, each of whom can deliver high-impact messages about why your organization is a great place to work.

With first-hand knowledge of what it takes to fit in and succeed at your company, brand ambassadors can identify candidates with the right skills and experience, in addition to promoting openings.

So, how do you get your internal workforce to tell your brand’s stories?

Click here to find out 5 ways to transform your employees into brand storytellers.


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