Successful Chief Executive Transitions Part 2: The Role of the Predecessor

For the new CEO to be successful, should the prior CEO stay and help with the transition…or go?

A predecessor’s influence on the transition of a new CEO is critical. It can be blatant or subtle, positive or negative, cooperative or confrontational. He/she can be an invaluable dispenser of wisdom or an obstinate builder of roadblocks. To be successful, the new chief executive must quickly learn to manage this powerful presence while letting others know who is leading the organization.

But for the new CEO to be successful, should the previous CEO stay and help with the transition…or go?

The outgoing leader who stays on the board can help the incoming CEO understand major adjustments he/she will face and plan for them, as well as provide insights on how the board operates and its agenda.

But there can also be problems if the former CEO doesn’t learn to let go.

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