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Where Are the Women?

Increasingly, companies recognizing the importance of diversity at the top are investing in recruiting and developing talented women. So why aren’t we seeing more women in top roles?

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The Perils of Scientific Illiteracy

“Apple employs 700,000 factory workers in China because we can’t find the 30,000 engineers in the U.S. that we need on site at our plants,” Apple CEO Steve Jobs told President Obama. “If you could educate those engineers, we could move more manufacturing jobs here.” Jobs made the point that American competitiveness was being hollowed out by immigration policies that educate a growing number of foreign engineers at the best U.S. universities then immediately send them home.

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Top Three Obstacles (and Solutions) to Women’s Advancement

Work-life balance topped the list of the most significant institutional impediments to the advancement of women in Corporate America, according to a 2010 study, “The Women’s Leadership Development Survey,” by Mercer Associates. Below are the three top obstacles along with recommended solutions and companies recognized by the National Association for Female Executives for their responses to the challenges. OBSTACLE SOLUTION ...

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More Women, More Success

Recent studies suggest that bringing women up through the ranks to senior leadership positions has a direct impact on corporate performance. Recent research shows: Companies with the highest percentages of women on their board of directors outperformed by 53 percent those with the least on return on equity, and by 66 percent on return on investment. (Catalyst) Hedge funds managed ...

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Women: The Next Tipping Point

Your customer is changing—and you may not even know it. The Nielsen Company estimates that almost all income growth in the U.S. over the past 15-20 years is generated by women exercising their growing economic influence.

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