10 Ways to Squeeze More Value Out of Your Legal Costs

4.Research the firm’s litigation strategy and its fit with yours. Will the firm incorporate cost-saving measures, such as:

  • Exploring collaboration with the other side;
  • Involving business people;
  • Filing in a rocket docket or fast-track session;
  • Seeking neutral-party review and early resolution of key issues;
  • Narrowing discovery; and
  • Avoiding wars of attrition.

Also, does the firm have a history of sticking to its strategy?

5. Ensure the firm is invested in you. The firm should care about you, anticipating your needs and pursuing your matter proactively. And the firm should (on its own dime) seek feedback on its performance.

6. Open the lines of communication. Communication should be constant. Confirm the firm employs legal project management, which produces legal work accurately budgeted and focused on business goals. Develop a plan for communicating strategy, deadlines and results.

7. Demand and track a reasonable budget. Ask the firm: