The 20 Best Books For Business In 2018

These 20 outstanding reads are not ‘how to’ books about business, but about the deeper things you need to know to deal with the fundamental challenges of our complex and volatile world.

11. The Formula = The Universal Laws of Success.  Too often, accomplishment does not equal success. Prominent professor László Barabási gives us a trailblazing book that promises to transform the very foundations of how our success-obsessed society approaches their professional careers, life pursuits and long-term goals.

12. Frederick Douglass. The definitive, dramatic biography of the most important African American of the nineteenth century: Frederick Douglass, the escaped slave who became the greatest orator of his day and one of the leading abolitionists and writers of the era.

13The Coddling of the American Mind. First Amendment expert Greg Lukianoff and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt show how the new problems on campus have their origins in three great untruths: what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker; always trust your feelings; and life is a battle between good people and evil people. This is a book for anyone who is confused by what is happening on college campuses today, or has children, or is concerned about the growing inability of Americans to live, work, and cooperate across party lines.

14The Future is Asian. Western thinking on Asia conflates the entire region with China. In reality, the entire region is experiencing a confident new wave of growth led by younger societies from India to the Philippines, nationalist leaders have put aside territorial disputes in favor of integration, and today’s infrastructure investments are the platform for the next generation of digital innovation.*

15LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media. W. Singer and Emerson Brooking tackle the mind‑bending questions that arise when war goes online and the online world goes to war. They explore how ISIS copies the Instagram tactics of Taylor Swift, a former World of Warcraft addict foils war crimes thousands of miles away, internet trolls shape elections, and China uses a smartphone app to police the thoughts of 1.4 billion citizens.

16.  The Great Revolt. New York Post columnist Salena Zito and Republican strategist Brad Todd report across five swing states to answer the pressing question: Was Donald Trump’s election a fluke, or did it represent a fundamental shift in the electorate that will have repercussions — for Republicans and Democrats — for years to come? The Great Revolt delves deep into the minds and hearts of the voters the make up this coalition.

17. Grant. Chernow sheds new light on the man whom Walt Whitman described as “nothing heroic… and yet the greatest hero.” Chernow’s probing portrait of Grant’s lifelong struggle with alcoholism transforms our understanding of the man at the deepest level.

18. Why Xi’s China Is In Jeopardy.  Under President Xi Jinping, China has become a large and confident power both at home and abroad, but the country also faces serious challenges. In this critical take on China’s future, economist George Magnus explores the key traps that China must confront and overcome in order to thrive. Magnus argues that Xi’s authoritarian and repressive philosophy is ultimately not compatible with the country’s economic aspirations.

19. EuroTragedy: A Drama in Nine Acts. This is a groundbreaking account of the euro’s history and tragic consequences. In this vivid and compelling chronicle, Ashoka Mody describes how the euro improbably emerged through a narrow historical window as a flawed compromise wrapped in a false pro-European rhetoric of peace and unity.

20. A Moonless, Starless Sky. Alexis Okeowo, a Nigerian American journalist, relates the experiences of four ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances including a young Nigerian girl who escaped after being kidnapped by the jihadists of Boko Haram. Okeowo ever holds back on the brutal details, yet she provides hope to readers interested in some of the challenges of modern Africa**.

*This book comes out in early 2019.

**This book came out in late 2017.

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