CEOs Talk About Their 2015 Outlook

As they head into 2015, U.S.-based CEOs wonder if the economic glass is half-empty or half-full both in the United States and around the world. And for the first time since the Great Recession, their collective expectations for the New Year tip toward steady growth and a smoother path for doing business despite lingering questions about the strength of economic recovery.

We’re really optimistic and confident about at least the next year and beyond in our business. We’re seeing stronger growth in our non-audit businesses, tax and advisory; we’ve been investing heavily and taking market share, and the marketplace is healthy. The audit business is more of a GDP-growth type of business.

Almost [all CEOs indicate] that they’re in the midst of, or soon will be embarking on, a transformation. We have the broad expertise and skills to help them do that—to deal with regulatory matters and disruptive technologies—and to outperform their competitors.

But we’re in a talent business, and competing for it will always be a primary issue. Also, we need to make sure we’re putting new technologies into our service, as well as helping clients adjust. The U.S. economy is well positioned for moderate but steady growth. There’s an upside if D.C. can settle some things like immigration reform, trade agreements and tax reform.

Globally, it’s a very mixed picture. Europe will be in very slight recovery, but there are still some risks on that front. And in China, there’s significant growth, but it’s slowing.

Headquartered in New York, the global audit, tax and advisory firm reported fiscal-2013 revenues of $23.4 billion.


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