Employee Training Techniques that Generate Buy-in and Cost Savings

Employees don’t typically get excited about workplace training. It is perceived as a burden that employees dread and postpone them as long as possible until they have to endure lengthy, boring webinars.

GettyImages-154932372-compressorIn recent years, however, training options have significantly improved, yet most companies do not take advantage of them. And rarely does the CEO invest the time and leadership required to make the most of modern training strategies and technology.

Not only does this hinder today’s solutions’ effectiveness, but companies miss the opportunity to engage employees for higher performance and satisfaction. Millennials, who will make up over half of the workforce in the next five years, exhibit higher retention rates with companies who provide knowledge that enhances their professional growth.

Here are a few strategies to modernize your training program and improve its effectiveness.

1. Create and deliver micro-content. People need to hear content approximately 21 times to create a lasting change in behavior. Consider breaking down the curricula into brief pieces of content, delivered over a period of time.

2. Go mobile. Your employees are on their mobile devices all day, in the office or on the go. Meet them in their native habitat and make the training more integrated into their lives, thus increasing the likelihood that your employees will listen to the content, rather than put it on while working. Training can be designed to be delivered through email and text messages (with micro-content). Also, many learning platforms offer mobile apps.

“People need to hear content approximately 21 times to create a lasting change in behavior.”

3. Integrate all programs into one location. If your employees have to log into multiple platforms outside their normal routine, they are likely to postpone or forget doing the program. Consider utilizing a learning management system (LMS) to provide all training, including compliance, HR, and sales in one location with a singular login.

Training in the modern age is something to get excited about. It is an opportunity for CEOs to empower their employees to increase productivity, improve effective use of time and resources, and increase employee satisfaction.

It is time to get smart and be more involved to ensure your company is making the most of modern training strategies and tools.

Share your examples of tools and resources you have encountered that improve your company training by leaving a comment below or tweet them to (@dsavagemc @kristinmesserli)



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