Tech Expert Explains the Internet of Things

Helen Rebecca Schindler is a research leader at RAND Europe, specializing in technology and innovation policy. Mark Purdy and Ladan Davarzani of the Accenture Institute for High Performance interviewed her as part of a research project on the Internet of Things (IoT). They discussed how society, business and the economy will be affected by the IoT.

AIHP: The Internet of Things (IoT) takes on various names. How can we make sense of it?

HRS: The IoT is a topic that is of huge interest to everyone; from companies to government and individual consumers. The various terms and phrases that have come to be associated with it are testament to this, demonstrating that everyone wants a piece of the pie.

At its core, the IoT builds out from today’s Internet and is composed of sensors and interacting autonomous systems that connect through wired and wireless networks. At RAND Europe, we define the IoT as including these characteristics, and emphasize the pervasive and self-actuating nature of sensor-enabled devices to form networks across a range of sectors.

It is clear that as the IoT continues to evolve so too will its definition. The IoT has provoked an infectious chatter around the world, and it will be interesting to see how this human-machine interaction and narrative takes shape.

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