Amicus Therapeutics CEO John Crowley Is In The Business Of Saving Lives

In this edition of our Corporate Competitor Podcast, Crowley shares how the business he created to save his own children’s lives grew into a global biomedical giant that is helping people worldwide.

You’ve obtained a law degree from Notre Dame and an MBA from Harvard, and you have the entire world before you and your young family. Then you get a diagnosis from the doctor that two of your children were born with a rare genetic disease called Pompe, an often fatal neuromuscular disorder. How do you respond?

If you’re John Crowley, you pivot and you pivot fast, leaving the career path you envisioned to get involved in businesses that just might save your children’s lives.

In this episode of Corporate Competitor Podcast, Crowley traces just such a journey—his journey—from a devastated parent and husband to a determined business leader who not only managed to save his own children’s lives but also those of other people all around the world.

If this sounds more like the stuff of Hollywood than biomedical engineering companies, that’s because it is. Crowley’s life story was made into the major motion picture Extraordinary Measures, starring Brendon Fraser and Harrison Ford. This podcast offers its own life and business lessons straight from Crowley himself.

One of my favorite Crowley-isms from our conversation remains this gem, “If you don’t fail you’re not trying hard enough.” I’m positive you won’t fail to be inspired and learn something incredibly useful for immediate application in your own business from this conversation. Have a listen.


•  4:00   John’s determination to find a cure for his terminally sick children.

•  18:00  The key to establishing a clear vision.

•  19:00  How to recruit “passionate entrepreneurs.”

•  20:00  How to lead empathetically.

•  25:30  The incredible bond created over Notre Dame football.

•  28:00  How to honor the loss of a loved one.

•  43:00  Three steps you need to take to turn big dreams into reality.

•  44:00  Why spreadsheets should be set aside on day one of corporate retreats.

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