Jack McGuinness

Jack McGuinness is co-founder and managing partner of Relationship Impact, a consulting firm focused on helping great leaders build great leadership teams.

How To Handle Difficult Leadership Team Members

In today's competitive market, it would be better to figure out a way to keep those people that do add value to the team. Here's how.

A Pragmatic Approach For Building A Great Leadership Team

CEOs and their leadership teams should consider the following stages as a guide for building a great leadership team.

Accountability On Great Leadership Teams

All leaders say they want accountability, but actually getting it embedded in the culture isn't as easy as it looks.

Great Leadership Teams Embrace Tough Conversations

Productive dialogue doesn't always happen naturally—it is often blocked by defensiveness, aggressiveness and dismissive behavior. CEOs have to work proactively to keep the communication lines open.

How To Build Trust Within Your Leadership Teams

Great leadership teams don’t happen by accident. They take a great deal of effort, planning, communication and willingness to make things work.

How Cadence Enables Great Leadership Teams

A guide to developing the rhythm that will bring your team into full alignment and better able to achieve critical goals.

Great Leadership Teams Are Guided By Purpose

Mission and strategy are important components of a leadership team’s purpose but they are not sufficient. Three steps for shaping that purpose to accelerate growth.

Getting Leadership Team Composition Right

Functional track record is important, but insufficient to predict success. Look for these four unique skills in all potential senior leaders.

Onboarding New Leadership Team Members (Without Losing Them)

Forty percent of senior leaders exit within their first 18 months on the job—a costly outcome for any company. Here's how to stop the revolving door to the top floor.

Is Your Leadership Team Getting Better?

In a post-Covid world, these four attributes are what separate good leaders from great leaders.
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