Katie Kuehner-Hebert

Katie Kuehner-Hebert
Katie Kuehner-Hebert has more than two decades of experience writing about corporate, financial and industry-specific issues. She is based in Running Springs, Calif.

Jamie Dimon Is At The Top Of The U.S. Financial World

The CEO of the country’s largest bank, the $2.5 trillion-asset JPMorgan Chase & Co., is also the longest-serving chief executive on Wall Street.

Under CEO John Hammergren, McKesson Corp. Is Upping Its Customer-Centric Goals

n the time since John Hammergren became CEO, the company has more than quadrupled revenues to $208.4 billion and expanded into global markets.

Marriott Is On A Global Growth Tear, Says CEO Arne M....

Marriott continues its near frantic growth spurt across the globe, says Arne M. Sorenson, the first non-family member to head Marriott International Inc.

Under Todd Vasos, Dollar General Looks To Be The No. 1...

Dollar General is trying to get a leg up by opening roughly 900 new stores this year.

CEO Marvin R. Ellison Wants Lowe’s To Be No. 1 In...

Freshly minted in his new role as president and CEO of Lowe’s Companies Inc., Marvin R. Ellison last month announced a leadership restructuring “with simplified roles and responsibilities to drive operational excellence.”

General Dynamics Is On A Roll With Phebe Novakovic At The...

The Fairfax, VA-based aerospace and defense company “enjoyed a very good second quarter,” with revenue of $9.19 billion and net earnings of $786 million.

Under CEO Hubert Joly, Best Buy Moving Forward In The Age...

[caption id="attachment_66104" align="alignleft" width="271"]best buy Best Buy Chairman & CEO Hubert Joly.[/caption] Now that the turnaround of Best Buy has been accomplished, the consumer electronics retailer has its eyes set on Amazon to show the world that the eCommerce giant doesn’t have to be the untouchable 800-pound gorilla, so says chairman and CEO Hubert Joly. “We have turned around the business, it’s about where we go from here,” Joly told Reuters in March. “We have not only survived but thrived and I don’t believe this is a winner-takes-all market.” Joly joined Best Buy in 2012 and led the Richfield, Minn. company through its “Renew Blue” transformation. The company’s strategy included matching online prices to improve its competitiveness with Amazon and other eCommerce retailers; investing more in its online shopping platform and improving the training of in-store sales associates to be more engaging and proficient; partnering with leading tech companies to help them showcase their technology; and taking $1.5 billion of costs out to fund the required investments. The transformation has resulted in improvements in customer satisfaction, market share gains, revenue growth and improved margins, according to the company. Now, Joly is leading Best Buy into its next phase, “Best Buy 2020: Building the New Blue.” “In this next phase, Best Buy is driven by a clear purpose: to help customers pursue their passions and enrich their lives with the help of technology,” the company writes. “It aims to address their needs around entertainment, communication, productivity, security, health, etc. in a more holistic fashion. It seeks to evolve from selling products through transactions to providing solutions and building relationships.” Under Joly’s leadership, Best Buy has also committed to help provide technology training and career pathing annually to one million underserved U.S. teens. Moreover, Best Buy is on a path to reduce its carbon footprint by 60 percent. Reducing turnover and promoting internal leadership in the Best Buy workforce has been a major part of the company’s recent success, Joly told Business Insider in March, outlining five criteria to determine whether someone is a leader. First, be a purposeful leader, he said: “Be clear about your purpose in life, what drives you, and make sure it’s connected with the purpose of the company.” Second, be clear about your role as a leader: “Do you believe your role as leaders is to be the smartest person in the room, and make sure everybody knows that? Or is it to create an environment in which others can be successful and…blossom and flourish?” Third, be clear about who you’re serving: “If you believe you’re serving the servants, meaning people on the front line, and your role is to help them be successful, then you’ve got it.” Fourth, be a values-driven leader: “Integrity is really important….These numbers with turnover and employee satisfaction, really, would not happen if we’re just going to tell people, ‘Be happy.’” And fifth, be an authentic leader – if you’re a nice person in your personal life, don’t think that you have to be mean at work to get results, Joly said. “Work-life balance almost has the connotation that your work is not part of your life,” he said. “So you can be an a--, the most terrible person at work, and then you can be the most wonderful person outside — it makes no sense.” He’s No. 70 on Chief Executive and RHR International’s CEO1000 Tracker, a ranking of the top 1,000 public/private companies.

Hubert Joly, Chairman & CEO, Best Buy

Headquarters: Richfield, MN Age: 58 Education: HEC Paris First joined company: 2012 Positions prior to joining Best Buy: President and CEO of Carlson Companies Named CEO: 2012

Anthem Inc. CEO Gail Boudreaux Cares About People

Gail K. Boudreaux in November 2017 was named president and CEO of Anthem Inc., a Fortune 50 company and leading health benefits provider, serving more than 40 million consumers.

Wells Fargo Makes “Transformational Changes” Under CEO Tim Sloan

Under CEO Timothy J. Sloan, Wells Fargo & Co. is striving to become “a better, stronger company for our customers, team members, communities and shareholders.”

John Flannery Ready To Reinvent GE

After restructuring, GE will again be a “tech-driven growth story,” says CEO John Flannery. Flannery, a long-time GE vet, vows to focus on core growth areas.
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CEO1000 Tracker

From the schools they went to to the types of companies they run, CEO1000 is tracking the trends among the CEOs of the 1,000 largest U.S. companies.


CEO Confidence Remains Solid In March, But Trails 2018 Levels

Chief Executive’s most recent reading of CEO confidence in current business conditions remains flat month-over-month, at 7.3 out of 10, while confidence in future conditions decreased slightly to 6.7/10, from 6.8 in February.
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