Melissa Behrend

Melissa Behrend is a business writer, yogi, and dog lover who lives in Tampa, Florida. She is a proud graduate of Rollins College.

Prepare to Hire More of These Kinds of Employees in the...

The unemployment rate is low right now, standing at just 4.9%, with 242,000 jobs created so far this year. Current trends show that some positions are in high demand no matter the type of business you're in.

How to Create Highly Engaged Employees with a Social Responsibility Program 

Companies whose employees are highly engaged have three times the operating margin and earn four times the earnings per share of companies with low employee engagement.

Missteps of Famous CEOs That Have Turned into Gold

Some of the most famous CEOs have made some big mistakes. Some of those mistakes cost CEOs millions of dollars, while others made their careers. There are some lessons to be learned from their mistakes.

A Pet-Friendly Workplace Attracts More Millennials

It's a benefit that more and more millennials are looking for; it turns out that allowing your employees' four-legged friends to roam around the workplace could be a great way to attract talent.

6 Secrets to Building a Company for the Long-Term

The most innovative CEOs look to build their companies for the long-term. To have a company that will last 100 years, you must be obsessive about your culture, your reputation and promoting from within.

5 Bad Habits of a Toxic Leader CEOs Should Avoid

Toxic leaders contaminate the work place. Some do it without realizing it, while others do so purposefully. If you are a toxic CEO, your company could be suffering irrevocable damage. The stress these types of leaders place on their team hinders performance, causes undue stress and creates turnover.

With Employee Engagement at an All-Time Low, How Do You Motivate...

While he may be a hotly contested political candidate, Donald Trump knows a thing or two about motivating employees. Remember, as a CEO, when it comes to inspiring his team to reach greatness, Trump emphasizes the importance of a little attitude adjustment in this well-known quote:

Your “Kitchen Cabinet”: Key People CEOs Turn to for Advice

The term “kitchen cabinet” was coined by the press in 1829, when President Andrew Jackson took office; soon after he assumed office the Cabinet became disabled by infighting. He needed help so he turned to a close group of friends and associates, a group the media dubbed his "Kitchen Cabinet".

Why You Need to Budget Today for More Data Analysts Tomorrow

Just in the past year, demand for data analysts has increased by 96%, and Forbes says this demand will keep growing.

Technology Can Improve Mid-Marketers’ Bottom Line, Survey Says

Mid-market companies are looking to technology investments to help increase both efficiency and profitability. And by adding more digitization and technology, they are also boosting both their credibility with their customers and their brand image.
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New Poll: CEOs Find Challenges In Using Customer Data To Drive Innovation

Ability to harness and sort through data for meaningful insights remains a hurdle, many say. “The key is...finding what is actually relevant.”


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CEO Confidence Falls To Decade Low, But Few Predict Recession

Chief Executive’s June survey of 278 U.S. CEOs shows leading confidence indicator now at 5.5/10, the lowest reading in nearly a decade. Majority forecasts worsening conditions in the year ahead, though not a recession.