Prepare to Hire More of These Kinds of Employees in the Future

The unemployment rate is low right now, standing at just 4.9%, with 242,000 jobs created so far this year. Current trends show that some positions are in high demand no matter the type of business you're in.

Recently Bob Nardelli, current CEO of XLR-8, LLC, Investment & Advisory Co., took to LinkedIn with an article about industry growth. He reminisced about a time when companies could develop a two- or three-year plan, based upon their strategy, structure and staff. Today, he says, plans are put in place for two or three days. He notes that those with long-term strategies are continually faced with short-term issues and uncertainty which can wreak havoc on their businesses. Finding the right talent can help a corporation move forward during those pivotal moments.

As Judith Rodin, president of The Rockefeller Foundation says, at the center of all this change is technology. As businesses harness all of the improvements technology brings, they must hire the right talent to utilize this technology, which means hiring for new skill sets.

The following is a list of positions for which competition is going to heat up going forward, so you must be more creative in how you find and keep them.

1) Data analytics experts. Now that market focus and customer trends are so critical, businesses should be addressing their customers more directly. Analytics experts can synthesize the data and are essential to industry growth. A data analytics expert can help analyze customer buying power and determine business trends. The median salary for professionals with big data expertise is $103,000 a year. The top three markets for these experts are San Jose/Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, San Francisco/Oakland/Fremont, and the DC/Arlington areas.

Just in the past year, demand for this position has increased by 96%, and Forbes says demand will keep growing.

2) CIO. While not a new position, the CIOs of the future must be more attuned to social media and its reach. The median salary for CIOs is currently $148,000 a year.

3) Chief risk officer. As experts predict more cyberattacks than ever this year, it is important that companies look to prevent them. A CRO will help keep a business protected, while knowing what plans to have in place in case there is a breach. The median salary for chief risk officers is $184,000 a year.

In any industry, it is important to stay relevant. To move forward, businesses need to add innovators. Businesses that don’t keep up will simply fade away.


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