Best Companies for Leaders

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #8 Cardinal Health

#8 Cardinal Health   George S. Barrett, CEO Cardinal Health starts leadership development early on, with their entry-level rotational program called EMERGE. The EMERGE program is "designed...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #7 PepsiCo

#7 PepsiCo   Indra Nooyi, CEO "For our associates to thrive, we must continue to provide a supportive and empowering workplace. This includes giving associates the opportunity...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #6 ADP

#6 ADP   Carlos A. Rodriguez, CEO ADP has made a commitment to becoming an "Employer of Choice," and wants to create an environment where its employees...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #5 Southwest Airlines

#5 Southwest Airlines   Gary C. Kelly, CEO An airline known for its low costs and high spirits, Southwest manages largely through its culture. It hires on...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #4 3M

#4 3M   George Buckley, CEO 3M practices leadership development through assignment rotation; but, consistent with the study’s findings of other top-rated companies, it takes the approach...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #3 General Electric

#3 General Electric   Jeffrey R. Immelt, CEO GE established the quintessential executive training ground at its world-famous Crotonville, N.Y. facility—on which GE reportedly spends about $1...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #2 IBM

#2 IBM   Virginia Rometty, CEO IBM has a long history of innovative leadership development and cross-discipline mentoring. Its Basic Blue for IBM Leaders, Shades of Blue...

10 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: #1 Procter & Gamble

#1 Procter & Gamble   Robert McDonald, CEO Quite simply, P&G executives are considered the Navy SEALs of management. This results in no small measure from a...

10 Best Companies for Leaders: How Focusing on Leadership Development Creates a Competitive Advantage

Our "Best Companies for Leaders" is a list of corporations who lead the pack when it comes to leadership development. They generate significant market share, make leadership development a high priority despite time and financial pressures, and their executives spend more personal time mentoring leaders.

40 Best Companies for Leaders 2012: How Top Companies Excel in Leadership Development

Since 2005, Chief Executive has been releasing its "Best Companies for Leaders," a list of corporations who are the cream of the crop when it comes to leadership development. This year's top company is Procter & Gamble, led by CEO Bob McDonald.
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