Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing, is a Proponent of Automation

Dennis Muilenburg, #24

As the CEO of a manufacturer with detailed assembly needs, Muilenburg has looked extensively into the value of robots. He offered his ideas on robotics at Chief Executive’s 5th annual Smart Manufacturing Summit in Seattle in May, 2017, for which Boeing was the co-sponsor.

Rather than replace people, he said, robots should efficiently and safely take on certain tasks, augmenting the work still being done by people. “We’re not going to see an exclusively robotic factory, but we will see the optimum use of robots and people,” said Dennis Muilenburg, CEO, president and chairman of Boeing.

One example of where robots could provide real value is with repetitive, unsafe and monotonous tasks that can cause injuries, ergonomic and otherwise. “Our goal [at Boeing] is to balance our EHS [environmental, health and safety] initiatives with our productivity initiatives,” said Muilenburg. “Robots allow our employees to work safely, faster and at less cost.”

Here are some important information about Dennis Muilenburg:

Chairman, President, and CEO (Chairman since March 2016, President since December 2013, and CEO since July 2015)

Previous Position: Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer

Company start date: 1985

First position at company: Engineering Intern in Seattle

Age: 53

Education: Received his bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and honorary doctor of science degree from Iowa State University, as well as a master’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics from the University of Washington

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