Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is a Washington Influencer

Jamie Dimon is CEO of one of the largest banks in the world, and chairman of the Business Roundtable.

Jamie Dimon, #24

Dimon is CEO of one of the largest banks in the world. As such, his opinion and his position wield significant influence, particularly in the U.S. banking community and in Washington.

Dimon reportedly turned down the role of Treasury Secretary in Donald Trump’s administration, but is chairman of the Business Roundtable, which meets frequently with President Trump.

Publicly vocal about his opinions, Dimon is a proponent of reducing Dodd-Frank, but is frustrated with the lack of ability to get things done in Washington. He is concerned that real household wages have weakened in the past decade, while the middle class has shrunk as a proportion of the U.S. population. He feels CEOs should take a proactive approach to reducing the gap between rich and poor and reviving confidence in the institution of business through education and training.

Chairman (since December 31st, 2006) and CEO (December 31st, 2005), JPMorgan Chase

Previous position: President and COO

Company start date: 2004 (well JPMorgan Chase purchased Bank One in 2004, and Dimon was the CEO of Bank One at the time and became President and COO of the combined company)

First position at company: President and COO

Age: 61

Education: Received his bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and an MBA from Harvard University


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