The Leadership Philosophy Driving A Nationwide Sales Force

leadershipEvery CEO is different. We come from different upbringings, have unique personalities and our own individual career paths. These factors all contribute to the way we lead.

When I was just 11 years old, I began working as a stock boy for only $1.60 an hour. My father, the only member in his family to survive the Holocaust, instilled the drive and desire to work hard. This need to do the things my family never had the chance to do pushed me to work hard at every stage and every age of my life.

I had already served as CEO at several companies by the time I arrived at Stream. Each experience was different, but provided invaluable lessons that allowed me to better understand that what is needed in a leader truly depends on his or her team.

leaders should be warm, transparent and sincere; but ultimately results oriented, expecting accountability from their teams.”

I was drawn to Stream for many reasons – one of them being the people. Not only do I lead our corporate team, but I also lead our team of over 52,000 Independent Associates. They live in cities across the country and come from all backgrounds – no one has the same story. However, they are all looking for the same thing: opportunity.

As I lead our team locally and across the nation, my leadership philosophy is simple: leaders should be warm, transparent and sincere; but ultimately results oriented, expecting accountability from their teams. This statement has been my compass over the past two years and continues to provide clarity on the leader I want to be for my company.

It is my belief that people relate better to those they view as human. Without sincerity and transparency, your team will not only lose trust, but they will also lose faith. Just as your team gives you their all, you must give them yours. Always have a servant mentality. You get what you give in this world.

At the same time, leaders must be results oriented, expecting accountability from their teams. It is my job to inspire everyone to do their jobs and do them well. Individual achievement is necessary to overall success of any company, especially at Stream. Our incredible corporate team works daily to provide the best opportunities for our Independent Associates and in return, those Independent Associates work tirelessly to build their businesses and better the company as a whole.

When you have a team so willing to work, it makes you want to work harder for them. At Stream, we recognize the accomplishments of our team members individually on a regular basis. This commitment to our people and their growth shows we care about their success beyond the company. Nothing we do in the office, nothing we do in the field, is possible without the combined efforts of all of us working toward the same goal.