Sony Pictures’ Mosko On Standing Strong When The World Around You Is Crumbling

In this episode of Corporate Competitor Podcast, former Sony Pictures TV executive Steve Mosko tells Don Yaeger why it's so important for leaders to keep their cool under pressure—a lesson he learned not only in sports but in a business leader’s worst nightmare.

What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning and found out that your last ten years of emails were stolen by hackers and are now exposed to the world?

This actually happened to Steve Mosko in 2014 when he was the top guy at Sony Pictures Television, and how he reacted to what must have been a shocking revelation offers a lesson in how to be strong in the moment.

“The most important thing in my mind was to come to work every day looking like I was in control of the day and that things were going to be alright,” said Mosko, a former all-star middie on the University of Delaware lacrosse team.

For Mosko, that meant remembering to keep smiling, a choice that concerned some of his staff who thought he was smiling a bit too much. But he had a reason: “A lot of people were flying off the handles because our world was falling apart,” explained Mosko. “And I felt they needed to see confidence coming from me to ease the pressure. If you’re an employee or a player on a team, you want your leaders to be strong, somebody you can line up behind and who will get you through the worst possible thing that happens.”

In this episode of Corporate Competitor Podcast, Mosko draws on vivid examples taken from the worlds of lacrosse, basketball and golf to provide astute business advice leaders can use to get themselves through their own tough times.

“There are a lot of guys who have won major championships on the driving range—in their own minds,” he averred. “But then they get a sidehill lie and reality sets in.”

Get a dose of Steve Mosko’s astute and funny wisdom in this Corporate Competitor Podcast.


4:00   The power of a chip on your shoulder.

18:00  A common mistake when setting goals.

20:00  How to give people freedom within your company culture.

38:00  How Steve models his preparation like Tom Brady’s.

25:00  The key to creating confidence and comfort on your team.

44:00  What it is like to work with Peyton Manning on set of NBC’s College Bowl.

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Over the last 30 years, longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated and 11-time New York Times Best-Selling Author Don Yaeger has been blessed to interview the greatest winners of our generation. He has made a second career as a keynote speaker and executive coach, discerning habits of high performance to teach teams how to reach their full potential.