Top 10 Greatest Causes of Leadership Derailment

Participants in Chief Executive's and GrowthPlay's Best Companies for Leaders survey were asked to give their top three causes of leadership derailment. Here is a summary of the top 10 causes reported overall.

1. Lack of teamwork/collaboration. Lack of team orientation; driven by personal ambitions versus team success; not cultivating network.

2. Insufficient training/development. Failure to unleash talent; lack of commitment to learn; no formal training process; lack of focus from top management.

3. Ego/arrogance/micro-management. Failure to recognize/reward team for success; more interested in themselves than their reports.

4. No clear strategy/vision. Not developing/executing strategy; behaviors that conflict with organizational values; business acumen

5. Lack of leadership qualities. Failure to lead/develop/inspire/engage; Lack of dedication to employees.

6. Inability to change. Lack of innovative thinking; failure to adapt; lack of flexibility.

7. Poor leadership selection. Lack of hires with good leadership skills; poor job alignment.

8. Lack of trust. Lack of trust, integrity, loyalty; betraying trust.

9. Emotional intelligence/self-awareness. Inability to make hard people decisions; lack of effort for self-development.

10. Inability to deliver results. Lack of prioritization, time management, accountability.

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