Young Presidents Organization (YPO) Brings Business Leaders Together to Discuss Challenges

Being the President or the CEO of a company is not an easy job, but it doesn't have to be lonely at the top.

Many business leaders are turning to each other for advice according to the Guide to CEO Peer Networks. Peer networks give business leaders the opportunity to gain insight and expertise by connecting them with other leaders who are going through the same challenges they are.

One such organization is Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a member-based peer-to-peer executive network, that is the largest organization of its kind. It connects more than 20,000 young business leaders across more than 130 countries with each other.

“Peer networks give business leaders the opportunity to gain insight and expertise.”

Company presidents who are considering joining YPO must be younger than 45 years old and have a company with at least 50 employees. After joining the network, members can attend a local “chapter” that is broken down into various “forums.” As a member of YPO, presidents can meet with other members from similar-sized businesses and industries for mutual consultation. Through this network members can grow their company, engage in a life-long exchange of ideas, and be part of a trustworthy community of peers.

The YPO network stretches across the globe with chapters in 15 different regions worldwide. Aside from recruiting from different regions of the United States, YPO also holds chapters for members in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and many more locations throughout the world. Through an international network, members can gain a global perspective from their peers.

Besides YPO, there are several other organizations such as Chief Executive Network, G100, and Vistage that also are aimed at creating a community of peers for presidents and CEOs.

For more information about different executive peer networks and how they can help you, click here.

Source: Guide to CEO Peer Networks

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