Vistage Helps Create a Community for Business Leaders

Vistage is an international peer group that provides regular group and individual meetings for business leaders.

During challenging times, when they need it most, business leaders such as CEOs and presidents often have no one to consult with. One place they can go to bounce ideas off others is at a peer network according to the recently released Guide to CEO Peer Networks.  By connecting business leaders with each other, these organizations create a sense of community and provide opportunities to build relationships with their peers. One such organization is Vistage, which provides regular group and individual meetings run by coaches, each with different areas of expertise.

Established in 1957, Vistage has more than 20,000 members who are CEOs, executives, or business owners of lower mid-market companies. When they join, business leaders can gain consultation as well as insight from other leaders to solve problems and learn new ideas. To achieve this goal, Vistage members attend one group meeting per month along with a two hour personal session with their group Chair. Chairs are primarily retired CEOs and management consultants who lead the monthly meetings and act as coaches for the members.   

Since these meetings began, Vistage has helped many business leaders overcome their challenges by connecting them to their peers. These connections, along with personal coaching, help members establish a precise plan of action to tackle challenges and resolve issues.

In addition to Vistage, there are several other organizations such as Young Presidents Organization, G100, and Chief Executive Network that create communities of peers for business leaders, each with their own distinct business model for meeting different types of needs.  

For more information about different executive peer networks and how they can help you, click here.

Source: Guide to CEO Peer Networks.

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