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Beware ‘Career Engineers’, Warns Former Goldman Sachs CEO


Henry Paulson never wanted to be the head of one of America's biggest investment banks. Indeed, the 70-year-old from Florida, who also served as Treasury Secretary during the financial crisis, initially wanted to be a park ranger.

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Lullaby Baby? How CEOs can Help their Staff get More Sleep

Tired woman in the office

We've all heard of the seemingly superhuman sleep habits of some CEOs, such as Yahoo's Marissa Mayer, who famously claimed to get by on just four hours a night. But all those genetic freaks fortunate enough to function almost entirely around the clock shouldn't impose their ability on the rank and file.

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CEOs in ‘Shouting Match’ Over Drug Prices


Concerns about spiraling drug prices haven't just divided politicians. CEOs, too, remain split on an issue that some are warning won't go away just because price-cap advocate Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

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Up in Smoke: Tobacco CEO Predicts an End to Cigarettes


The head of the world's biggest tobacco company has just envisaged a world without cigarettes in a stark demonstration of the almost boundless disruptive power of digitization.

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