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Consumer Confidence Records Best Eight Months in Past Decade

Consumer confidence slipped a bit in July 2015, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers. Nonetheless, the data provide no indication of a break in the prevailing positive trend. The Sentiment Index has averaged 94.5 since December 2014, the highest eight-month average since 2004, according to U-M economist Richard Curtin, who directs the surveys. Conducted by the U-M ...

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Taking a Punt: CEOs and High-Risk Gambles

Advisers on mergers and acquisitions know that psychology plays a large part when big decisions are made. Factors such as the ambition of the chief executive, the pressure the board is under and the relationship between potential business partners are all likely to have an impact on whether a company pursues a deal or not.

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Create a Conversation, Not a Presentation

This author says that when he worked as a consultant, he was perennially guilty of “the great unveil” in presentations—that tendency to want to save key findings for the last moment and then reveal them, expecting a satisfying moment of awe. He and his team would work tirelessly to drive to the right answer to an organization’s problem.

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Earth to Mary Barra: Be Very Careful about China’s SAIC

General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra has announced a $5 billion initiative to work with Chinese partner SAIC Motor Corp. to develop smaller cars for emerging markets. This is her first major announcement regarding GM's strategy in China, so we should pause for a moment to reflect on the nature of the game being played.

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4 Questions Every Leader Should Be Able to Answer

There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of that moment when you’re first awarded an important leadership role. Having “finally arrived” you imagine yourself as the rock star taking center stage at a roaring stadium of adoring fans. You can almost hear the ear shattering cheers of the crowd as they clamor to get closer, iPhones in hand, ready ...

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Some Offshored Manufacturing Jobs Return to the U.S.

Four years after moving manufacturing to India in 2008, Cambridge robotics maker Energid Technologies Corp. brought production and a handful of jobs back to Massachusetts, squeezed by rising tariffs on parts imported to its Bangalore factory and frustrated by the unpredictable Indian bureaucracy and difficulties shipping its industrial robots to US markets. Today, with robotics sales climbing, the company plans ...

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