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If You Want to Hire Millennials, You Must Understand How They Want to Work and Live

Leaders are increasingly focusing on the millennial generation. Gallup, research-based, performance-management consultancy, recently completed a study of how this generation’s attitudes and preferences are reshaping  workplaces, communities and markets. In the new report, “How Millennials Want to Work and Live,” Gallup researchers found that these Gen Xers want to be engaged with their jobs, but often feel they’re not. They seek ...

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Judge Blocks Staples-Office Depot Merger


A federal judge blocked plans to combine Staples and Office Depot into a $6.3 billion dollar office-supplies giant, sending valuations of both companies plunging and throwing cold water on early-stage deals that no longer look quite as appealing as they did before his decision.

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4 Essential Elements in Planning for Disaster


The wildfires in Alberta, Canada, are a stark reminder that natural disaster can strike almost anywhere at anytime. According to German global reinsurer Munich Re, disasters resulted in more than $90 billion in insured losses around the globe in 2015. CEOs must ensure that their companies and employees are both prepared and covered at all times.

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