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3 Things CEOs Need to Know about Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton's announcement of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her running mate was met with mixed reception by voters on both sides of the spectrum. While the business community typically leans Republican, Kaine may be more moderate and pro-business than other potential candidates. It remains to be seen how much sway he would have in a Clinton presidency, but here are 3 things CEOs should know about Tim Kaine.

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Is Now the Time for CEOs to Increase Employee Pay?

As American workers continue to voice growing discontent about income inequality and stagnant wages, some CEOs are voluntarily raising employee pay on principle. They say doing so not only improves morale and employee satisfaction but also serves as a long-term investment to better their workforce.

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80.8% of Large-Company CEOs Plan to Vote for Trump

Fully 80.8% of CEOs of large firms who responded to Chief Executive’s July survey plan to vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, compared with 66.7% for CEOs of upper middle-market firms and 69.0% for lower middle-marketers, with 64.3% of CEOs for small companies saying they'll vote for Trump.

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