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CEO’s Guide to Creating Revenue from Customer Data: 5 Best Practices

Databases are no longer staid repositories for day-to-day records. They’re storehouses of potential new profits, competitive advantages, and as a source of innovation. Download this free webinar and learn the 5 best practices for uncovering the potential of your databases.

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Creating a Clear Strategy and Driving Employee Engagement

In this webinar, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth Professor, Paul Argenti, discusses key elements to creating a clear company strategy. You’ll also learn how to communicate this strategy to all parts of your organization and how to engage your employees across all levels.  

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Modern Marketing – What Every CEO Should Know to Get Marketing Under Control

Learn the challenges CEOs face managing ‘Modern Marketing’, including holding your marketing teams accountable; dealing with a chaos of digital, inbound, organic, SEO and other acronyms; managing millennial marketing managers and trusting them with your brand; and more.

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Cybersmart – Understanding & Mitigating Cyber Risks

Webinar Pure Insurance

Your company has put significant efforts in place to protect your customers’ and employees’ data, but  who protects you and your family? This webinar discusses critical challenges all CEOs face with regard to mobile devices, social media, etc. and how they can protect their own family’s personal data from cyberthieves.

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Is Your Organization Strategic?

Webinar Strategic Thinking Institute

In this webinar, participants learned how to transform strategy from an annual event into a strategic mindset; identify market trends and patterns before competitors; understand and improve the three phases of a business model; create competitive market advantage and help teams develop strong strategy habits.

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Innovate Faster and More Effectively

Webinar US Patent Utility

How do we as CEOs and as companies innovate? What direction do we go in? What do we as innovators do to drive ourselves forward? Here, you’ll learn key strategies used by major market leaders to keep themselves innovating and moving forward, and how you can implement them at your firm.

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10 CEO Rules for Recruiting the Best Staff

Webinar Khorus Software

Uncover the recruiting strategies used by industry leaders to continually find and hire ‘A’ players – those employees and executives who exceed expectations on a daily basis and remain loyal for the long-term.

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2015 M&A and Capital Markets Update: A Seller’s Market, but for How Long?

Webinar JDFord

These best practices will help you maximize value and determine if now is the right time to sell. You’ll hear about recent changes in how deals are structured, financed and won and received a private equity formula for creating value for buyers and sellers.

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The New Economics of 3D Printing

Webinar Stratasys

The dawn of additive manufacturing is here and it is no longer being used simply for prototyping. Companies such as Boeing are using it for full production runs. 3D is resulting in both supply chain compression and product innovation. To prepare for this disruptive technology, learn what is likely to happen in the future and what you can and should be doing about it today.

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